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Pizzas is one of the most loved food globally, especially the ones that are overloaded with cheese. Now imagine a place that serves you top-quality pizzas with your favorite toppings and flavours. Sounds fascinating. At Boston Pizza, you get that and much more. Start by ordering a Pepperoni Plus, Tandoori Chicken, and Boston Special Pizza from our Pizza section. The crispy pizzas in fancy flavors will surely blow your mind. We understand that Pizza cannot be enough to satiate one's hunger, so we recommend our plates of pasta. Our customers love the Spaghetti Bolognese and Vegetable Lasagne from our Pizza section. We recommend adding a coleslaw from our Salads to make it a perfect meal. If you are looking at something to drink, browse through our Drinks section and choose your preferred beverage. Add a Strawberry Cheesecake or Haagen Daz's Ice Cream to complete your meal is to end it on a sweet note.

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Boston Pizza is the favorite hangout spot for all pizza lovers in the city. If you love a well-cooked, meaty, flavorful pizza, this is where you need to be. Boston Pizza serves the most exquisite and most extensive variety of Pizzas in the locality. After several kitchen experiments by our chef, the menu has been carved down to offer our customers pizzas based on their preference. To ensure that our customers are always satisfied, we never compromise on quality. All our ingredients are carefully handpicked from the best places and are of premium quality. To make it more comfortable for our customers, we offer home delivery services as well. Order online through our app by downloading it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Visit us if you're craving Pizzas.

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You can visit Boston Pizza at 156 Boston Road, Hanwell, London W7 2 HJ. Boston Pizza is everyone's favorite not just because of the food but also its location. As we are centrally located, our customers can reach us easily. We are situated in one of the city's prime locations that is well connected to every nook and corner of the city. You can avail of any of the city's local transportation services to reach us without any hassle. On coming here, you can spot us right across the street. However, if you get lost or cannot locate us, you can utilize the app's inbuilt GPS feature to find us. Visit us soon to enjoy an evening over a delicious variety of pizzas.